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We are an internet agency that wants you make the web work for YOU
people working together at the internet What does it mean? It means that we support people and non-profit organisations that want to improve their life(-standard) by means of the internet.

We are not looking for customers, we are looking for partners. Partners that have a great idea, a product or a vision and need help to deploy this to the internet.
What we offer? We provide all kind of internet-expertise: from building websites, web-shops, design, apps, delivering content (text and images), SEO (Search Engine Optimazation) and all kind of other skill.

What we want? We want to help you realize your online idea, sell your product online, make your internet dream come true. We execute our work based on a partnership agreement.

What does that mean? That we don't charge you for our work, but will become a (very minor) partner/stakeholder in your online business, or get a small percentage of your revenue. So we all benefit from our joined effort.

Your advantage is that you don't need to pay us for our work, instead you will get a professional partner that will help you to deploy your online presence. Our advantage is that we work with partners instead of customers and aim for a long term relationship in which we can benefit from your success.

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